Sunday, September 26, 2010


C went to Homecoming last night. They just call it Homecoming because no one actually goes to the dance. They all dress up, order flowers, spend a ton of money, but don't go to the dance.

His group consisted of mainly the cross country team and they rented a party bus, ate dinner at P.F. Chang's, and played lazer tag.
He looks so handsome in his new suit. I can't help but just smile when I look at him. Would you believe his suit cost him $12 at D.I., and he got his new shirt and tie at Kohl's for free with my Kohl's cash. Score!
Look how grown up he is. Look at that happy face. Look at my priesthood holding, future missionary son. Look at the way he hugged ME. Oh, that is truly a moment of joy.

He came home having learned a lot on his date/homecoming experience. He's such a good boy.
I love him and the wonderful young man that he has become.


tgood said...

I'm glad you have raised such fabulous boys!! You're an awesome mom! :) Come raise my kids too, you know, in all your spare time. I'm afraid I'm going to screw them up... Oh, and C looked great!! You'd never suspect the killer deal you got!

P.S. I wasn't going to say anything, but man are those girl's dresses SHORT! Maybe I was clueless in high school... But then again, I was raised in Mormonvile.

Erika said...

C looks awesome! And it's kinda scary to think of him dating and being sooooo old!! Aaaack...what happened to the time?!

Lorilee said...

Looks like fun. I wonder what the dance would have been like.?