Monday, March 21, 2011

These boots were made for...hanging

A few weeks ago I got myself some cowboy boots at Savers. I think the most I paid for them was $9. I wear them with skirts and dresses not pants. You know that country chic look?

Anyway, my brother-in-law saw them at his house the other day and wondered where the boots had come from. My sister told him that they were mine. He was shocked. She told him that they were the boots that I had gotten at Savers. He then told her that I had gotten really good boots. Probably over $200 boots. He got on line, looked around and found out that my Lucchese Classics line boots start at $550! How's that for a deal? So, I'd like to thank that rich cowboy that donated his boots the day before I purchased them. I told my brother-in-law that I should hang the boots on a wall to display. He told me, "No, just enjoy your boots! How often do you go to Savers?" My sister told me that he'd like me to get him a pair of boots. Gotta wait for another rich cowboy.
So, although these are now my most expensive pair of footwear, and are worthy of framing and hanging on a wall, I'll keep wearing them. They've got a fun story to tell.
My sister and I decided that we should go to a near by orchard to get pictures of my boots. Thing is, we got silly again. We were both doing silly poses, some of which I can't or would rather not share.
We were giggling about the light situation, the orchard rows being grown the wrong direction, shade lines across our faces, my girls that don't cooperate and the fact that she told me to lift my skirt a little so that she could get a picture of my boots. The girls finally listened and did what
they were told. Love the bunchy panties.
Lou told me to do a kissy face. So, with my $550 boots and my smoocher puckered up, D, this one is for you. XOXOX


Angelie Karen said...

ha ha ha everyone & their dogs get their engagement pictures taken here... and i mock them :) but i guess everyone has to get pictures taken here sometime! looks good ;)

Angelie Karen said...
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Erika said...

Very schnazzy boots. What a find! And I love the orchard pics. The one of the girls and their undies is a killer and the last one of you is just lovely. Good to see you guys the other day!