Friday, May 13, 2011

Where did it go???

I did a post yesterday.  I just pulled up my blog to update what I had written yesterday and it's gone!
 G.O. N. E.  How in the world does an existing post published on a blog disappear?  It's not even just "saved" under all my posts.  It's gone!

I'm upset.  I really wanted that one.  If any of you see a post called, "Do it all again" running around blog land, please let me know.

What was I going to add to it?  Well, I wrote about my uncle that served in the Vietnam war and how he told my family on Monday night that he would do it all again so that D or any of my boys wouldn't have to go.  I was teary.  I thought about myself and the fact that I was burned.  I've always said that I was glad that it had been me and not one of my beautiful young boys or my husband that was so diligent in his studies to someday provide for us.  I would do it all again so that someone else wouldn't have to go through it despite knowing all that I do about what I went through.  I just spoke to my sister on the phone that delivered her baby yesterday.  Her baby has some complications and she is in the NICU right now.   Each time I speak or text my sister I think she is dealing with this gracefully.  Knowing myself and my anxiety I can't even imagine.  Just before getting off the phone she said, "I'm glad it's us.  We've been through this before so it's kind of like, bring it on!"  I got teary again and told her what I had posted yesterday.  I'm humbled at my uncle's and now sister's responses and the fact that I've heard that two times just this past week when I don't think I've ever even heard that before. 

Keep my sister's baby in your prayers.  I love you Land your new baby M.  *Hugs*


Charlotte said...

I think it will show up again.

Apparently they had some problems with Blogger, and had to remove all the posts made after a certain point on Wednesday. Now they're restoring them.

(I wrote a post that vanished into thin air as well, but since I had it scheduled to be published today, it never even saw the light of day.)

Here's a link with some info about the blogger technical problems:

Charlotte said...
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Erika said...

Same thing with one of mine...hoping it reappears later...

The Payne Family said...

It is there! Those cookies look yummy!

LeAnne said...

Found it! It's really there! Published on May 12th right under this one!