Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Off to a wedding

My sweet brother just married an awesome girl.  We love her and feel as though she is one of our sisters already.  I loaded up the car with the six younger kids and headed to SLC for the wedding.  D stayed home to work and C was gone on a church history trip back east. 

The trip was a lot of fun.  I seriously love road trips and the spontaneity that comes with it.  At least how I do it.  Anyone want to go?  We visited one of my friends from high school and ended up at her hairdresser's salon at 10:30 PM to get my haircut.  I got six inches cut off my hair.  D hasn't noticed yet.  I've got an appointment with MY hairdresser on Friday.  Couple more inches and lots of thinning out.  It's a little too blunt for me.

We then spent some time with a friend from college.    They are having Keltson's run again in September.  Anyone up for it?  Her cute husband took the boys to Cabelas.  They came home with the Cabelas video game.  That's as close to hunting as we get.  No, I take that back.  A has shot a couple pigeons in the backyard with his BB gun he got for his birthday last year.

We saw the "Up" house. 

We went to the Jordan River temple.  That day was awesome.  We visited a lot of relatives that day at all the festivities. 

Love this picture of me and and my sisters.

Don't mind my double chin.  I was too busy pinching my mom's boonie to be thinking about face placement.  I think I caught her off guard.  hehe

We went to a cousin's mission farewell.  It was as though she had written her talk just for me.  I am Peter.  I have faith, but I still live with fear.  That's changing.

We hung out with one of my cousins and had a cookout. 

We climbed the "U" in SLC. 

On our way up to the "U", we found all kinds of snails.  A had forgotten his shoes so he only had church shoes to wear.  He decided to go barefoot so we were watching every step so that we wouldn't hear a crunch.

We ate at Taco Time and stocked up on our Taco Time sauce.  I'm talking 10 bottles stocked up.

We dropped A off at BYU volleyball camp. 

After five days away from home and darting around hundreds of miles.  It's great to be home.  It's been a really fun summer.


beatlesgirl said...

Do not doubt! :) The Lord loves you, He has always loved you. Keep going, moving forward. And you will be victorious!

Girl Next Door said...
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