Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elder Christensen

Okay, it just hit.  People have been asking me for weeks how I was doing with the thought of C leaving on his mission.  I've been fine.  Really haven't thought about it.  Until....
He brought his best friend over tonight to say goodbye.  He'll be leaving for the MTC in the morning and then be known as Elder Christensen for the next two years.

I can't do my thoughts justice right now.  I'm sobbing thinking back nineteen years at my baby boy.  Just seven years ago, many other mothers at church told me that before I knew it, my son would be a missionary.  Now that I'm looking back, I'm wondering where the time has gone.

I'm going to miss my son.  He brings so much to our family.  To me.  As much as I'll miss him and hate the picture in my head of the last wave goodbye in the airport, I know he is going where he is supposed to go.  I know that he can't wait to get out there and be a missionary for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.

In just five days he'll have his farewell at church and in three weeks he'll leave.  But for right now...

Good luck Elder Christensen.  Thanks for being a good friend to and for C.  You're in our prayers.

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