Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hubby getting to know me

D and I went out for my Mother's Day date at the Cheesecake Factory tonight.  We both got the usual.  Avocado egg rolls, (It's all about the sauce.  It has tamarind or something in it.  I could seriously drink it, it's that yummy!) D gets the Jambalaya, and I get the Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta.

While we were eating their yummy bread, I asked D how caught up on my life he was seeing how he had just gotten up to Easter on my blog.  He scrolled through his iPhone and then told me, "Easter".  I told him that he needed to get reading so that he can know what's going on in his wife's life.  I giggled, but I meant it.

So, he did.  We were probably only eighteen inches from the next table over and there D is, reading aloud my posts about licorice, and then the candy store, and I don't know what, and then read the post title, Butts and ankles.  That's when I said, "We're done.  You're not reading that here!"  Thank goodness our plates arrived just then.

So, ya, it was kind of a funny date.  Sitting across the table from each other where he read about my life last me.  But hey, it was fun having my hubby get to know me.  

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