Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm a clicker

I don't know what it is about songs lately, but they're popping into my head all the time.  Like right now I'm bouncing back and forth between singing my own versions of "It's Clicker Time" (aka It's Hammer Time.  near near near near, near, near near near, don't touch this) and "I Be Clicking" (aka We Be Jammin').  Anyway....can you tell who got their clicker in the mail today?  Yip, me.

I ran back to the house after finding a package in the mailbox this afternoon.  I opened it up, and there it was.  My very own clicker.  Oh my heck, I don't know what is going on with me.  Now I feel as if I'm that little guy with glasses in the Christmas movie that talks about his red rider BB gun.  Nonetheless, I was thrilled to get clicking.  I put it on my wrist and did my first click, happy that I had it in my little hands.  I clicked as I saw B with her huge brown eyes wonder what I had on.  I clicked as S pulled me into the living room to be a ballerina with her.  I clicked as I did my ballet move from when I was five years old.  I clicked when the girls quickly told me that that wasn't a ballerina.  Ya, it really wasn't back then either.  Then, I clicked because I had a smile across my face that could have only been read as being happy.  I loved my new little clicker.  I loved that I was looking for or rather, recognizing all the things to be happy about.  I clicked that I was happy with my new found game of clicks.

When it came time to do middle school carpool, I took off my clicker so that I could drive, and set it in between the two front seats.  G got in the car and said, "What is this?" as he was clicking up a storm.  I said with a slightly louder than normal voice, "Don't touch!  "  He wondered why, and what it was, and proceeded to tell me that he had restarted the counter and had done 26 clicks himself. At that point I said out loud, "Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts."  This clicker thing is magic I tell you.  haha

After picking up the other kids and dropping some of them off at home before I headed to good ol' cub scout day camp with J, I took my clicker off again sure that there wouldn't be a dang thing to click about there.  But I did do a click before I left the car grateful that D was in the tot lot and I wasn't, and then I really thought about it and clicked like crazy while giggling to myself.  Oh I do love my D.

J took off once we got him changed into his day camp shirt and all checked in.  I couldn't help myself go check in on D at the Tot lot.  There he was, telling some sobbing child that he couldn't go see his mother in all his cute Mother's Day gifting glory.  I spoke to him a bit and then took off excited for my big whoop hour and a half to have by myself before all kinds of other activities tonight.  Have I said how much I love D?

A cute mother of five young children pulled me aside and asked for some parental advice.  You could see in her eyes that she was done, spent, worn out, tired, fighting back the tears, and now second guessing herself as a parent.  I asked how I could help, what I could do, and reassured her that she was a mother first and foremost.  I pointed out that she should never have to apologize or feel like she has to explain for certain things.  Day camp will go on!  I hugged her and told her to hang in there.  It felt so good knowing that she felt like she could talk to me.

As I walked across the parking lot to get back to my car, a friend called my name and I went over to talk to her.  We talked about my "Happy Hour" post that she had read earlier this week.  She's having a hard time right now, maybe more so than ever.  After talking to her for awhile, I got thinking about my clicker I had left in the car.  As much as I need my clicker, she needed it more than I.  I raced over to my car, grabbed my clicker and gave it to her.  I told her about my experience just this morning.  I reached inside her truck and hugged her tight.  I reassured her that all would work out, that she wasn't alone, and that she could do it.  I love you my dear friend.

I pulled out of the parking lot grateful for the week that I had had and all that I had learned.   Grateful that my cute hubby worked in the tot lot so that I could do something greater in my eyes and give hope to someone else.  Grateful for my "Mother's Day" time and how it was spent in a parking lot.  It truly couldn't have been better.  This is what "opening up" does.  It creates a support system that wouldn't otherwise be there.

Tonight D played coach to J, G, and some friends in the backyard.  It was cute watching him interact with the boys and really taking on that role.  Not too long in, four other kids from the neighborhood showed up and wanted to play too.  Why not?  I let them play until little g came running in the house and told me that dad wanted him to find some defense and he didn't have any.  I told him to go tell dad, "The pro will be out in a minute!"  That's when the pink Nikes came out to play and it was time to show my boys my mad basketball defensive skills.  lol.  Those Nikes are cute!  I had fun with all the kids, then took off to come up with some kind of BBQ for fifteen.  The kids ate and then jumped into the pool.  It was a good night and I might add, it's great having people come IN to the cul-de-sac.  I'm cool with that.

Hopefully my friend was able to click for something today.  Clicker or no clicker, I'm happy.  I love when I randomly bust out singing, "It's five o'clock somewhere".  It's like my very own private joke.  Makes me laugh.  I love when I tell myself to "click", or sometimes convince myself to "click".  I then find myself smiling.

Going to bed happy and grateful that I'm a clicker.  :)

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