Thursday, May 10, 2012

What I want for Mother's Day

Cub Scout day camp is over the next two days.  I didn't quite volunteer to help out, but I did agree to it.  I thought I would do my token two hours and then have date night with D.  I was asked, okay a few times, for all my paperwork, insurance cards, and if I had watched the Youth Protection movie online to register as a volunteer.  I hummed and hawed at the thought of so much stuff to gather and fill out.  Then, I found out that I would be helping out at the "Tot lot".  The WHAT lot?  I agreed to help so that I could do something with J, and now I was babysitting for someone else while they did something with J.  So, I got a little rebellious and wasn't in any type of hurry to turn in all my paperwork.

D was asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day yesterday.  I really couldn't think of anything.  Just a nice card.  You know the kind, where it goes on and on about how amazing you are.  That's what I want.  That's what I wanted.  I then told him that he could work at the "Tot lot" for me.  He asked if that's what I really wanted.  I told him, "Yes!"  I made a phone call to see if it was possible for him to be a volunteer in my place.  The answer came back, "Of course".  But then I felt dumb, feeling as though I had sold my soul by not wanting to babysitt.  The lady on the other end of the line was shocked that I would want that for Mother's Day.  She would gladly work in a tot lot for two hours than have that for Mother's Day.  She saves up all year for her Mother's Day.  I giggled and said, well, that's what I want and we're in different stages of life.  And it felt good!

I was giddy once I hung up the phone and with a somewhat mischievous voice I turned to D and said, "Guess who's working in the tot lot?"  I told him that he was the best husband around and that he was so good to me.  He is! You know why?  Because he really wanted to do that for me.  He didn't try to invalidate (is that a word?) my feelings or my request by just wanting to run to Bath and Body works for a real gift.   I suppose some might think he got off easy not having to go to the mall or deal with expensive requests.  But....he knows my language of love.  I'm about acts of service and I only see it as him being so sweet to me and really making me happy.  So see, it's perfect for me.  It might not be what anyone else in the whole entire would like, but it's what I want for Mother's Day.

And.... to talk to my missionary. have the house clean with no bugging or teasing.  And....I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'd still like a nice card telling me how amazing I am.  LOL

I'll talk to my missionary and I'll go into Sunday not having a single expectation of what the day "should" be like.    Come on, you know what I'm talking about.   Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, the kids sitting on the couch singing hymns with their arms folded, and not a single talk about how wonderfully perfect mothers are.  I know better than that.  But, I have come to love my yearly tradition of taking pictures with each of my children.  We will do that.  And with my invisible clicker that hasn't arrived yet, I'll be clicking when I make breakfast for the family  because I have one.  I'll be clicking when I'm running around trying to find the lost shoe before church, grateful that my family wants to go with me.  I'll be clicking as some of my children pull faces and are ornery when taking their pictures with me because I too was like that once upon a time.  I'll be clicking when I call my mothers and grandmothers thankful for their influences in my life.  And, I'll be clicking as I kiss my hubby D for the perfect Mother's Day gift that he gave me.  The fact that he knows me and loves me.  And that card...  I should be getting that around the middle of June seeing how D just read my posts about Easter today.  I love you D.

D's cute offer makes me think about Father's Day and what I can do for him.  He's not a "gift" person so I guess I can hold off on more cologne.  I can follow his lead and see what he wants and make it happen no matter how small.  It might be huge in his eyes and make him happy.  I can do that.  After all, he's giving me what I want for Mother's Day.

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