Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My sister that lives in Kansas and I pulled off an amazing Girls Weekend Out last weekend.  We took care of every little last detail to make sure that none of my sisters or mom would suspect her showing up for the occasion.  It was really stressful but so worth it in the end.  We had a blast laughing our heads off all weekend, eating fun dishes together, staying up late, sleeping in the same big room together like girl's camp, shopping together and attending Time Out For Women.  We have new inside jokes, we were accepting of each other, we grew closer and left feeling like it was worth the sacrifices on our good husbands part and good for us to have that time just for us.

I ran into a couple friends that I hadn't seen in nineteen and then twenty three years.  Too fun.

When some of the talks were let's say, um, hardly tolerable, we sort of got silly.  I personally like my sister's octo-chin.  She threatened me not to "blog" it, but hey, she had to try really hard to even get a double chin.  It's just not right.  She has the whitest teeth in the world.

We got this fun picture of all eight of us.

Then we did a silly one.  And just in case you can't see my face real well, it's a classic.  Or is the word now, epic?  Yes, it's epic.  ha  Not everyone would be quite so brave.

Anyway, so glad that everyone could make it.  So grateful for husbands that let it happen.  So happy we have that fun memory to last forever.  Thank goodness for GWO for TOFW!


Charlotte said...

You got to see TINA?? I'm totally jealous.

Looks like a fun time.

Erika said...

So fun to get together with everyone! I love times like those! And your face is epic!